What to Consider When Insuring Your Dream Car

When you’re a high-end car owner, one of your key priorities is to keep your precious gem properly insured. If anything goes wrong, you want it taken care of to like-new conditions.

With a seemingly endless number of insurance agents to choose from, finding the one that truly has your best interest at heart can be hit or miss. And with a luxury car like yours, you don’t want to miss. For luxury vehicles, off-the-shelf insurance plans are less likely to lead to satisfaction than a personalized policy from a premium agency.

So, where do you find the right one?

In the automotive world the saying ‘birds of a feather, flock together’ is often applicable. Gold Coast Auto Body (GCAB) is a shop you have faith in to do your repairs with premium parts and highly skilled labor. It stands to reason, then, that if asked, GCAB will refer you to an insurer that is every bit a trustworthy.

Thomas Ward Insurance Group is just such a broker, one we at GCAB truly enjoy doing business with.

Thomas Ward isn’t affiliated with a single insurance company, but rather works with several companies to get you the right coverage for your vehicle at the best price possible.

“The reason I am an independent agent is because I am customer-focused. Rather than chasing the mass market, I concentrate on luxury car owners and serving their needs,” states Thomas Ward agent Michael Rice. “I still want to save you money, but I want to do it by providing the kind of coverage that’s right for you and your vehicle.”

There’s that term again: “right coverage.” What is the “right coverage” for a luxury vehicle owner who does a lot of city driving? GCAB owner Dominic Martino weighs in.

“We see way too many people coming in who are frankly underinsured for the kind of cars they’re driving,” he points out. “They get caught up in the ‘lowest price’ game and don’t see the shortcomings of their coverage until it’s too late.”

Michael Rice agrees. “If you crash and total that new $120k Porsche, don’t you want your $120k check?”

This leads directly to all of the factors Thomas Ward Insurance Group recommends high-end vehicle owners take into consideration when selecting an insurance plan.

The first priority for insurance shoppers is the freedom of choice – allowing you, the owner, to go to any body shop you want.

Equally important is the quality of repair. This ties into the freedom of choice of shop. You always want to use a repair facility like GCAB that uses OEM parts – the parts required to repair your vehicle to pre-crash condition.

Finally, you want peace of mind. You want to make sure the premium you are paying each month is for your vehicle’s “Agreed Value” – not Blue Book Value. Agreed Value is a term in the insurance industry wherein the policy specifies the worth of the vehicle up front. That’s something a quality broker like Thomas Ward Insurance Group will ensure you have in your policy.

Also of note, when your car is at GCAB for repair, you’re probably going to want a rental vehicle comparable to the luxury vehicle you are accustomed to. Premium insurance carriers will put you in that same quality of vehicle.

All of which is why GCAB recommends Thomas Ward. Because their agents, and the premium insurance providers they represent, are simply the best fit for our customers.

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