What Makes Working on Tesla Vehiclas So Much Different From Other Cars?

If you own a Tesla, you already that it’s a very unique automobile in many ways, from its unrivaled range and performance among electric vehicles, to its unprecedented perfect 5-star NHTSA safety rating – the highest in the history of automotive safety testing. Both are made possible in large part by Tesla’s aluminum structure and aluminum panels.

Few auto body shops are equipped to work with aluminum, and very few of those are certified to work on Teslas. When the company launched its certification program in 2013, they literally hand-picked the body shops they wanted to work with in each market. Gold Coast Auto Body was an obvious choice for Chicago, thanks to our experience with Mercedes, Audi, and other high-end luxury vehicles that incorporate aluminum structural components.

Even so, earning Tesla certification was a challenge. We had to invest in new equipment and update our aluminum area, and (two) of our auto body technicians spent several weeks in California undergoing intensive training in Tesla’s facilities. Now, as one of the only Tesla Approved Collision Repair Centers in the entire Chicagoland area, we are the clear choice to fix your Tesla.