Sun Damage: Prevention and Restoration Tips

Who doesn’t love the summer sun? Well, for one, your car.

Oxidation is the chemical reaction that occurs when heat and oxygen combine. This results in a breakdown of the molecular structure of paint.

While we love basking in the sun at the beach or the ballpark, that beautiful ball of fire in the sky oxidizes the paint on your car, leaving it with a faded or whitewashed appearance over time.

Can you prevent it? Sadly, no; there is no absolute when it comes to preventing sun damage to your vehicle’s paint job. However, by using a UV-resistant clear protective coating at the time of the paint job, it can slow oxidation. In terms of the original factory paint job, different automotive manufacturers have exhibited different levels of success with UV clear coat. And that’s out of your hands.

So quite frankly, the best way to avoid sun damage to your car is to keep it out of the sun whenever possible. Not only should you store your vehicle in a garage or other sheltered area, but you might also consider using a car cover when it is going to be parked in the sun for any length of time.

But some oxidation is inevitable. So what can you do when it does occur?

Well, you always have the option of living with the faded, hazy paint. But when you are someone who invests in a higher-end vehicle, chances are you want your ride looking as cherry as possible.

As a preventative measure you should regularly wash and wax your auto. Use a wax that incorporates a UV protectant. Washing and drying regularly will also remove pollutants such as bird droppings and dirt that can also harm the car’s paint.

Depending on the level of sun damage, hand or machine buffing with a rubbing compound may improve the look of oxidized paint to a degree. But this DIY approach isn’t going to completely solve those trouble spots on your hood, roof, and trunk.

The one true way to really renew your car’s finish is to invest in repainting.

For flawless results, auto painting requires professional equipment and specialized training. This is the appearance of your prized baby’s paint we are talking about, so you don’t want to take it to some fly-by-night, coupon-in-the-mail shop.

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