Real News About Fake Repair Scheme

It’s that time of year again. No, not the holidays. We’re talking about the fake auto body repair scam that is once again targeting drivers on Chicago’s Near North Side, with phony repairman taking their money and performing “repairs” that do far more extensive damage to their vehicles.

A Channel 2 news team caught the scammers in action and filed a full report that ran on the evening newscast last Thursday (Dec. 20) – their second such report in just a little over a year. Of course, the scam is nothing new to GCAB, as co-owner Dominic Martino points out in the Channel 2 clip. We’ve been alerting city authorities, as well as our neighbors and customers, about the problem for years.

You can watch the Channel 2 clip and read their complete news report here. In the meantime, be extra careful driving around the city this holiday season.