Paintless Dent Repair – Getting Rid of the Blemishes

Let’s face it. Even the slightest dents aren’t pretty – especially when you are talking about a true luxury vehicle. You want it to look its best all the time. That’s only reasonable. And while little “dings” may seem trivial to the guy driving the car he inherited from his grandmother, for you they’re simply unacceptable.

The good news, though, is that minor dents are relatively easy to repair via paintless dent repair, or PDR for short. As the name suggests, it’s a practice that involves removing dents without requiring a new paint job.

The process is performed by high-end repair shops like Gold Coast Auto Body. The most common kinds of minor dents that can be easily remedied using PDR come in the form of hail damage, creases, and door dings. In some cases, larger dents and bodyline damage can also be fixed with PDR; even dents several inches in diameter can be candidates if the metal and paint have not been stretched.

The way our technicians perform PDR is to massage the dent from behind the panel with specialized tools. Both the metal and the paint are put back to pre-dent condition. Sometimes pushing too hard can result in high spots. Fine tuning of the repair involves tapping these high spots down to a uniform blend with the rest of the panel.

PDR is suitable for either steel or aluminum panels. As long as the original factory finish is preserved, there is no need for grinding the paint off, or filling with body filler, primers, or sealers.

There is a caveat. If your vehicle had previously been in a serious accident that required re-painting of panels, those areas may not be suitable for PDR because of an increased likeliness of cracking or chipping.

However, most high-end vehicle manufacturers now use refined automotive paint finishes that allow for PDR.

If you’re thinking this sounds like just pounding out the dents from the inside, think again. That may have been the case when the technique was first pioneered way back in 1960 by a Mercedes employee working at the International Motor Sports Show in New York, but it’s far from the reality of PDR today.

Precision is the keyword now.

The actual repair all comes down to skill. An average technician will do an average job. At shops like GCAB where technicians are highly trained and experienced, you get the precision you want.

So why is it important that quality repair shops like GCAB offer paintless dent repair? Simply put – it is a less expensive method of repair. This is because PDR is far less time consuming and there are no high-priced paint material costs that are associated with conventional repair approaches.

If those dings on your vehicle are preventing you from fully enjoying your ride, come see GCAB. We’re here to help.
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