OEM Certification & Blueprinting

If you wonder why we’re constantly harping about the importance of strict adherence to OEM guidelines, consider the alternative:

In a recent Texas court case, a jury found a local body shop liable for some $42 million in damages, due to faulty repairs that resulted largely from their failure to follow OEM procedures.

That’s something that will never happen with GCAB, thanks to what we call a

“blueprinting process” designed to alleviate friction, prevent failures, and virtually guarantee the proper repair is done to each and every vehicle, each and every time.

That process includes two “non-negotiable” steps that are part of every repair we do, without exception.

1) First, we scan the vehicle before starting a disassembly of the damaged area.

2) Next, we research and gather OEM repair procedures, specifications and bulletins for the vehicle being blueprinted.

As a shop that is OEM-certified in many brands, GCAB enjoys direct access to the best technical information through OEM websites. And we are 100% committed to using only OEM parts and following OEM procedures and recommendations on every job we do. Because in the end, there is simply no substitute for OEM collision repair certification and repair methodology.