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What does “certified” really mean?

In auto service, “certified” is one of those impressive sounding words
that can mean a lot or a little, depending on whatʼs being certified and
whoʼs doing the certification. Here at Gold Coast, we use the word to
refer to two different kinds of certification.trevordiy.wordpress.comОРГАНИЗАЦИОННО-ПРАВОВЫЕ ФОРМЫ И СТРУКТУРА ПРЕДПРИЯ…

The first is OEM Collision Repair Certification, which is issued by
individual auto manufacturers to collision repair facilities who meet
their standards and requirements in several areas, including
replacement parts, materials, equipment and training. The second is
Technician Certification, notably from ICAR (Inter-Industry
Conference on Auto Collision Repair) and ASE (National Institute for
Auto Service Excellence), which requires technicians to undergo
rigorous training and continuously update their skills to maintain

At Gold Coast Auto Body, we conform to the industry’s highest standards. We are ICAR trained and OEM certified by the worlds elite automakers including Audi, Mercedes Benz, Tesla, and Volkswagen. The peerless quality of our workmanship has also made GCAB the city’s top choice for BMW, Land Rover, Porsche and many other vehicle makes as well .